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  • Low Cost : Gabion structures using Gabions can be built almost anywhere with unskilled labor and often without the use of heavy equipment.

  • Environment Friendly : Gabions have less impact on the environment than concrete and other construction materials

  • Aesthetically Pleasing : Gabions have a natural appearance and furthur enhanced when combined with plants & vegetation growth.

  • Durable : Galvanized iron wire mesh ensure maximum strength and PVC coated wire oers double the protection against corrosion than galvanized nish wire.

  • Long Lasting : Gabions can last a lifetime, depending on the environment, application and surface coating.

  • Flexible : Gabions can t into tight spaces and accommodate signicant soil settlement. Winter freeze and thaw conditions have minimal impact to its structure.

  • Low Maintenance : Gabions are virtually maintenance free when erected and installed properly.

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